Madhu Einsiedler

Improvisations on Growth

Welcome to the mini-series of Madhu’s podcast,
Improvisations on Growth.

Madhu Einsiedler is a bi-lingual (English and German) international business and life coach with more than 22 years of international business consulting experience, based in Vienna, Austria. Read more about her credentials and business acumen here.


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Co-creating Leadership

A special edition and addition to my series of podcasts, as my hostess, Adina Arhire and I welcome guest speaker Karima Kadaoui, Co-founder and Executive President of Tamkeen Community Foundation for Human Development. "Tamkeen" has various translations, such as "empowerment," "potential" or "possibility." Start listening.


What Does Survival Mean in the 21st Century?

What does survival mean in our current times? As we take a step back, we notice how the survival instincts developed thousands of years ago are still driving our workplace behavior and leadership.


Improvisations on True Innovation

We may not yet have a clear definition of our 'new normal'; nor a definition of what 'true innovation' means. But we make the audacious step to improvise, reflect, ask questions, and also question our current system of values. What would be the signs of a better, 'innovative' world?


Have We Entered a Post-Crisis Innovation Stage, or Just Doing More of the Same Ol'?

Are We Ready for Real Innovation Yet? Does Our Need for Psychological Security Come at a Price? Are We Making Room for a Growth Pattern?


Covid-19 Log - The Crisis and The Shift

We like watching disaster movies: an asteroid hits the earth, a big wave swallows half the world, a deadly virus leaves behind an almost deserted Earth. Have we ever expected to live through one? Have we considered preparing in case of a global emergency? The recent rapid spread of Covid-19 is already teaching us harsh lessons.


What does it mean to be a professional? Listen and build your own definition

Have you ever wondered what it means to be professional? We often refer to our peers, managers and ourselves and "being" or "not being professional" - but what do we mean by that? Is being professional about certain behaviors or simply a set of skills? Listen to my podcast and explore this topic with me.


Introversion vs. Extroversion (Or, is there a 'vs.'?)

More than often not we find ourselves calling a friend, colleague, family member (or even ourselves) an 'introvert' or 'extrovert,' knowing, allegedly, exactly what we mean. But what if these terms have roots in other than the widely accepted definitions? What if they don't translate at all into the concepts that we know? Follow me on an intriguing journey exploring introversion and extroversion.


What is "being right"?

That "time is relative" is general knowledge. Have we stopped though to think if "being right" is relative? Isn't "righteousness" relative to the "observer" passing through life and experiencing certain situations, and feelings? I encourage you to listen to my podcast and gain more insight into this rather controversial subject, take sides if you want, or not: there is no "right or wrong."



So much has already been written and said about "burnout" that it has become something of a buzzword. Most articles out there have a simplistic approach and offer quick, superficial remedies. So is it really a ‘modern affliction’ that has just become a part of our daily lives, that we have involuntarily accepted without giving it much thought? I invite you to explore with me the roots of it that run deep.



Although “technically” we all know what conflict is, we each define and experience it differently. What may be a conflictual situation to someone, to a different person can look like mere daily routine. Listen to my series Improvisations on Growth and dive into each of the four podcasts to explore your own view of conflict and learn how to recognize it and strengthen your ability to face it better.


What Is "Listening"?

Listening implies that there is a message ready to be delivered. Who is the messenger? And what are the roles of the transmitter and receiver? What happens when we cannot understand this message, and what are the causes of ‘lost messages’?