Madhu Einsiedler

Have We Entered a Post-Crisis Innovation Stage, or Just Doing More of the Same Ol’?

Personal Growth Is the First Step Toward Worldwide Growth – Episode 1
As we enter a ‘new normal’ or the next covid-19 stage, we look at the direction our society seems to be taking, in a way ‘forcing’ to see the good, or solver linings in a still-blurry picture. A recent Bloomberg article, for example, reveals how start-up businesses in the US are on the rise, compared to last year. What can this mean? Are people truly innovating during these tough times? Is this an indication that we still seem to stick to material gains instead of focusing on personal growth? Listen and draw your own conclusions.


Comfort May Be the Price You Pay for True Innovation – Episode 2
Although on paper we can agree that we are coming out of the crisis, recent developments in the US may show that challenges are still ahead. In lots of ways, we haven’t quite been able to process what has happened in the first half of the year and yet most of us are eager to move forward, to embrace this new normal, to look for silver linings and even speak of innovation. In this podcast, we question though, how come we long so much for the “old normal”, that we don’t make room for true innovation? And what can this ‘true innovation’ be? Are we embracing change or simply running back to our old selves? I invite you to listen and to explore with us how our need for psychological security may keep us from true innovation.


Financial Growth Can Hinder True Innovation – Episode 3
We are continuing our discussion on the possibility of entrepreneurial innovation brought by the Covid-19 crisis. How can we open a space where this Covid-19 experience can lead to true innovation – and not only be turned into material gains? Do you feel that this crisis has scared us so much that we now glorify the old normal, feeling eager to rush back and clinging to a pre-crisis life? What if we have to deal with these scary feelings in order to open a space where we can grow? Listen and find out what opens up for you.