Madhu Einsiedler

What is “being right”?

That “time is relative” is general knowledge. Have we stopped though to think if “being right” is relative? Isn’t “righteousness” relative to the “observer” passing through life and experiencing certain situations, and feelings? I encourage you to listen to my podcast and gain more insight into this rather controversial subject, take sides if you want, or not: there is no “right or wrong.”

Podcast 1/4
Have you ever wondered what does it mean being right? And why do humans love when they are right? Why does it mean so much to us? Is being right constructive? You may have heard the saying, ‘would you rather be right, or happy?” I invite you to explore this topic with us during the first podcast of this four-part series on being right.


Podcast 2/4
Every day we are faced with situations that leave us wanting to be right! Some of us let it go easily, some…maybe not. But do we ever wonder why? Humans have an innate fear of being wrong. What if someone told you that it is ok being wrong too? Listen to my second podcast of this series and explore more.


Podcast 3/4
Being right can emerge on different levels. When we move from the personal to the broader, impersonal, or corporate level, how does ‘being right’ change? Is the company that you work for, ‘always right’, for example, when aiming for profits at the expense of objectifying workers? Listen my third podcast and reflect at your own pace.


Podcast 4/4
Should the word ‘right’ even be a part of our vocabulary? How about the words, wrong, or perfect? Are we conditioned to think in certain ways? Should we assume that certain things are right or wrong by default? We welcome you to join us while we explore some of these questions, and encourage you to come up with your own answers.