Madhu Einsiedler

What is Coaching?

With so many coaching options available, picking out the coach who can offer you the most effective and efficient support is becoming increasingly difficult.

The „Coaching Guidelines“ set out what makes for a Really Good Coach as well as the qualifications they should hold (Source:

„The coach must possess a sound knowledge base and interdisciplinary qualifications if they are to understand and evaluate the client’s concerns. They must therefore combine a range of qualifications from various fields- Psychology, Business Administration, Consulting, HR development, Leadership and Management.
The coach will possess psychology and business skills and will also have practical experience in respect of the client’s concerns (in order to make an informed evaluation of the situation and offer qualified advice).“

A coach who already fulfils these requirements and yet strives to build further upon them can provide you with „Really Good Coaching“.

In my own words:

Good coaching facilitates problem-solving. It facilitates behavioural change.

Really Good Coaching supports the individual in their holistic growth. And growth always transcends the mere cause-effect relationship.

Of course you must constantly learn and practice new forms of behaviour in your professional as well as in your private life. Situational leadership is a must in the complex world of today. Yet Really Good Coaching goes even further.

Let me explain:

You have proven that you can be successful.
Where you go from now is not going to be determined by your business acumen and experience as much as by your ability to grow beyond habitual behaviour patterns and mind-sets. That’s what „Really Good Coaching“ is all about.

Coaching can of course be about recognising strengths and weaknesses, furthering your leadership qualities, striking a good work-life balance, coping with ever-increasing pressure, doing more and more in less and less time. It can also be about avoiding burn-out. Good Coaching can also provide support in all of these areas.

Coaching might also be about providing effective leadership in an organisational matrix, leading virtual teams, maintaining colleagues’ motivation, or perhaps about providing support when further job losses are looming. Good Coaching is also able to provide support in all of these areas.

In Good Coaching you can also focus on how to communicate  tough messages in a clear way, without leaving scorched earth in your wake, leading and managing a successful restructuring operation, keeping customers happy, developing new markets, how you can best manage Industry 4.0, pressure on prices, the increasingly ludicrous figures to be met, all the adjustments, all the change.
It might also be about establishing or fostering a clear, constructive climate of discussion within your management team, your Board or your two or three-way leadership team to ensure that you are all pulling in the same direction and fostering a corporate culture .

And of course in Good Coaching you can also bring thought to how you can successfully design and implement each of these points whilst also factoring family, friends, yourself, your own needs and targets into the hassle of daily life.

Good Coaching allows you to work on each individual point, to strive for personal change and to train new forms of behaviour.

In Really Good Coaching you begin with one theme and use it to grow as a whole person, for the other themes too. Because, as you well know, all the afore-mentioned themes (indeed ALL themes) are interconnected. All themes have you at their focus. Underpinning all themes are the thought, feeling and behaviour patterns you have learnt, internalised and automated.

With Really Good Coaching you will increasingly achieve “inner truth and outer clarity”. Really Good Coaching transcends reflection on the one hand and behavioural training on the other. It offers you intervention within a secure framework, so that your perceptive and cognitive faculties expand, increasing your possibilities for action and problem solving and allowing you to take more aware decisions.

Contact me. Based in Vienna, I work internationally in both German and English.

As you well know, in most situations in both our professional and our private lives, we react in a totally automatic way, particularly under stress. Thus your next career move, your continued progress, will depend on your capacity to decide and act with clarity and awareness. They will depend on how free you really are to act.

Through Really Good Coaching I can mentor you to recognise the full scope of these automatic mechanisms, to internalise the good reasons that underlie them so that in any situation you are given the freedom to consciously opt for a genuine and effective form of behaviour.

Remember the famous iceberg- 90% below the surface, a mere 10% above?


  • Something is said in a meeting and the reaction, the thought, comes automatically: „she always says that!“
  • A colleague has a question or a problem, and the reaction comes the minute you set eyes on him: „Him again“).
  • You have one appointment after the other and next to no time to prepare, but you are so experienced that you can simply react off the cuff- also known as an “automatism”.

Automatisms help us to effectively get through our day. The greater the stress, the more we act on an automatic basis.
Most of our actions are determined by stereotyping and by patterns of behaviour once effectively learnt and therefore rendered automatic.

And when we have space to think, when we have to take decisions, we talk to ourselves. Our inner voices do the weighing up, and once again we are led by once learned, subsequently forgotten triggers.

So what of our authenticity? The inner truth? The iceberg demonstrates what really happens- 90% automatism, 10% conscious action. And that’s the nice version.

Good Coaching often focuses on establishing new automatisms. It polishes, so to speak, the 10% already on the surface.

Through Really Good Coaching I mentor you to recognise your automatisms and unconscious triggers and to break your dependency upon them.

The aim of Really Good Coaching is to make the 10% into 11%, 12%, … 15% and, depending on how willing you are to explore, to build it up and up.

In our work together (Really Good Coaching always consists of a relationship of trust between equals) you will start to act more effectively, more efficiently and with greater awareness. And with this newly gained power, Really Good Coaching also brings greater outer clarity.

Now bring the aforementioned themes to mind – you can see how Really Good Coaching makes for more effective solutions by allowing you to act and communicate more clearly and with greater awareness in each and every situation.

According to Schulz von Thun: „Everything I say (and do) should be true, but not everything that is inwardly true should be said (or done).“

Interested in freeing your perceptive and cognitive faculties and enjoying greater scope for action and solutions? Interested, in a nutshell, in Really Good Coaching? – Contact me.