Madhu Einsiedler


Individual Development*

*Individual sessions are based on trust and confidentiality. I still respect this when clients offer to share parts of their experience. Here are a few.

“I have been a client of Madhu Einsiedler for several years now. Madhu manages to be provocative, without being judgmental. Her own experiences and training allows her to discern the core of the problem with an almost surgical precision. Her understanding of herself and her ability to actively listen bring an exhilarating speed (efficiency?) to the exploration of the topics that I want to explore. I have not left her office without understanding myself better and being able to earn more money.”

(Hotel Director)

“My experience with Madhu Einsiedler has been intermittent over the years. When ever I reach a dead end, when ever I can’t find a solution I turn to her. She gets to the point quickly, empathic, appreciative she highlights painful issues and helps me to resolve them. She has truly changed my life. Thank you!”

(Theatre Director/Voice Coach)

“The time of in-between jobs was difficult for me. I was unable to get a clear view on my future, unable to maintain a clear direction. I felt like I was trapped, a part of my problem. I worked with Madhu Einsiedler for a year on a regular base. She helped me significantly to define what my next career step could be, helped me look at and clear constraints that might prevent me from doing so.
Her USP is a rare combination of deep empathy and appreciation with the ability to uncover painful truths and help to integrate them. This helped me to grow in a way I couldn’t have guessed before. It has changed my life sustainably. A warm Thank You for this feat of personal growth.”



Senior Team Development

Senior teams also appreciate the confidentiality in working with me. In Cases you’ll find two examples of senior team coaching with clear name quotes.“