Madhu Einsiedler

What Does Survival Mean in the 21st Century?

Break Through Survival, Step Into Co-creative Mode

We are all familiar with the word “survival” – yet, what if I told you that today, in the 21st century, you are processing and experiencing this in different ways from your pre-conceived ideas. What if you learned that there is more to living than survival? Watch my video and listen to my podcast series on the meaning of survival.

Why does survival still feel as stressful today as many years ago? (Podcast 1/3)
What does survival mean in our current times? As we take a step back, we notice how the survival instincts developed thousands of years ago are still driving our workplace behavior and leadership. Today there are no mammoths and wild beasts to fight – yet we very much still feel like every day is a survival game. So, if we need to survive these days, then who are our enemies? Listen to this first episode and see what opens up for you.


Do we accept a system that focuses on profits, more than on innovation? (Podcast 2/3)
Many years ago, survival meant mainly food and shelter. Today, survival means paying bills, ‘making it into the world,’ buying the big house, getting the corner office with the view. Do our lives truly depend on these ‘achievements’? Is our current system fostering an environment where people can create freely, or is it solely targeting performance and profit? It seems like we are still under the impression that we can either focus on performance OR on creativity – but one thing does not have to exclude the other – or does it? Listen to this episode and explore these questions further, with us.


Can we take small steps and shift from profits to creativity? (Podcast 3/3)
In this third episode dedicated to the topic of survival we are discussing real-life companies that have made the leap into a more humane organizational form, placing profits second on the priority list and focusing first on the well-being of customers and of their employees. It may still seem like a small step; some may say such structures are utopian and will disappear fast, some may learn and invest in similar initiatives – what angle would you take? One thing becomes pretty clear: it may be worth in the long run to continue taking even bigger steps toward a world of creativity and innovation. So, listen and see the role you can play in this shift.