Madhu Einsiedler

What Is “Listening”?

The inaugural topic is focused on listening, and is comprised of four podcasts, each raising questions and exploring patterns and behaviors that humans easily oversee, especially when it relates to an activity that we all take for granted, like listening. Complement the podcasts with the blog post “5 Tips to Effective Listening”.


Podcast 1/4
Listening implies that there is a message ready to be delivered. Who is the messenger? And what are the roles of the transmitter and receiver? What happens when we cannot understand this message, and what are the causes of ‘lost messages’? Listen to the podcast below and learn more.


Podcast 2/4
What is a good listener? What is the goal of listening? Often times we find ourselves managing a conversation involuntarily to our own detriment, losing sight of the person who is speaking to us. Listen to the podcast below and see if you can recognize yourself in these behaviors.


Podcast 3/4
Are there different ways of listening? Did you notice how your listening behavior changes depending on your context? Your boss might not get the same attention as your best friend would. Click below, listen and start exploring yourself.


Podcast 4/4
Did you know that you can train yourself on how to listen? Listening brings people closer, establishes a relationship. And like any relationship, there is work to be done to make it productive! Click below to understand more.