Madhu Einsiedler

Covid-19 Crisis Log: Change Is In The Air

The widespread effects of Covid-19 are already felt throughout the entire world, prompting drastic measures in the efforts to contain the virus, and also bringing unexpected social changes. Different areas around the world are responding and re-grouping differently – but one thing we notice all around is solidarity and the desire to save lives. Listen to my podcast – Covid-19 Crisis Log – and follow my discussion on the latest developments prompted by the coronavirus.


Podcast 1/2
Covid-19 Brings New Routines and Ways of Doing Things
As millions of people are bound to their homes and professionals forced to work from home, we are starting to gain different perspectives on the changes brought by the coronavirus, at a personal and professional level. Do we finally notice that people are more important than businesses? Do we see a possibility of running successful businesses while still placing people first? Listen to my podcast and improvise your own answers with us.


Podcast 2/2
Is the Coronavirus Going to Bring a Permanent Change?
We are encouraged and asked to do things differently for the greater good and, as far as we know, for a somewhat limited period of time. Is this enough to generate a permanent shift in all of us? Are we already learning new things, noticing new behaviors and re-arranging priorities? Listen to the fourth episode of my Covid-19 Crisis Log and evaluate possibilities for the future with us.