Madhu Einsiedler

Improvisations on True Innovation

We may not yet have a clear definition of our ‘new normal’; nor a definition of what ‘true innovation’ means. But we make the audacious step to improvise, reflect, ask questions, and also question our current system of values. What would be the signs of a better, ‘innovative’ world? Can it be something as simple as seeing each other (all of us) as equals? Or having equal access to health benefits and education, for every person in the world? Is this utopic, or feasible? Is it at least something that we wish for? Listen and discover where you stand when it comes to a truly innovative world.


Share More, Get Closer to True Innovation – Episode 1
Just when we think we have a definition of a ‘new normal’ we face ongoing challenges and a persistent tough situation in South Florida, as the threat of the virus continues to place ‘normal life’ on hold. This year’s events have emphasized the need to care for each other, watch for one another and share. But, what is sharing? Do we have to abide by certain unwritten rules about sharing that keep us from helping one another? Are these rules so ingrained that they shape how we act without us even noticing? Listen and explore what sharing means to you.


Burst the Bubble and Make Room for True Innovation – Episode 2
Sharing seems like such an easy concept, yet, does it happen as often as it should? How can sharing work? Do we share more easily from a surplus or from less? Is the ability to share connected to the amount of wealth? And, are wealthy people more detached from the concept of poverty, thus, involuntarily sharing less? Could it be that neocapitalsm, the free market, prevent true innovation because it fosters bubbles and thus blocking diverse experiences? Listen and see where our discussions take you.


The Basic Pillars of True Innovation – Episode 3
As we look back at a rather challenging year, we are exploring the silver lining in the form of true innovation. With everything changing and people undergoing new experiences, this novel environment can become the foundation for innovation, if we let it. Yet, we cannot help but notice, still, a lack of diversity on various levels, a financial gap and unequal opportunities. How much talent are we wasting because of restricted access to education? How can innovation and growth happen when we condition this access to education, mostly for financial reasons? Listen and reflect with us at the possibilities of a new system that can foster true innovation.


Go Beyond “More of the Same” – Explore True Innovation – Episode 4
Are there clear steps that can lead us to true innovation? What would we even call ‘a true innovative world’? Can it be ‘true’ in the sense of a better world, where everyone matters? So, what if this improved world can start with something as simple as seeing someone at eye level, showing respect and consideration? What if we made the decision to approach every new or existing relationship by assuming that as I do my best, the other person tries to do their best too, and as I try to avoid pain, the other person also wants to avoid pain; and while I strive to achieve happiness, the other person tries to achieve happiness too. Listen and explore true innovation with us.


Make a Mark | Bring True Innovation to the World – Episode 5
Do each and every one of us play an important role in bringing true innovation to our world? By simply letting go of a psychological security that prompts us to prove how we are better than others in various ways, we can rise above our egos and treat each other as equals. And what would this improve, you may ask? How about equal chances for everyone? Or understanding that being born in a certain place, at a certain time, having certain parents and skin color, is not something that we can control? Do you see how we still derive self-value and self-worth from chance? Yet only by chance someone is born poor or wealthy, green-eyed or blue-eyed, north or south of a region. I invite you to listen to this podcast, keep an open mind and even be ready to rewire your brain a bit (or more).