Madhu Einsiedler

What does it mean to be a professional? Listen and build your own definition

Have you ever wondered what it means to be professional? We often refer to our peers, managers and ourselves and “being” or “not being professional” – but what do we mean by that? Is being professional about certain behaviors or simply a set of skills? Listen to my podcast and explore this topic with me.


Podcast 1/3
What do you think makes a person “professional”? What quality do you apply first to a professional person? Do you value appearance over competence? Or maybe ethics comes first for you? Listen to the first part of my podcast tackling the subject of being professional and construct your own definition.


Podcast 2/3
Being professional often times has come to also mean shutting down and not expressing emotions. At the opposing pole, some people believe that being professional justifies an intense expression of anger or disappointment, especially when expressed by a boss or manager. Do you agree with these behaviors? Listen to the podcast and explore these questions with us.


Podcast 3/3
Do you believe that being a great professional overrides being a great person? Being successful somehow has gained a reputation of being cold or rigid – but why not strive being both? Are we so focused on our careers, and on being professionals that we forgot how to be humans? I invite you to listen and to find your own answers.