Madhu Einsiedler


Although “technically” we all know what conflict is, we each define and experience it differently. What may be a conflictual situation to someone, to a different person can look like mere daily routine. Listen to my series Improvisations on Growth and dive into each of the four podcasts to explore your own view of conflict and learn how to recognize it and strengthen your ability to face it better.


Podcast 1/4
What is conflict? We feel it, we see it, yet, have we ever stopped to think of its true meaning? Is there a “true” meaning? Click below and listen to my first podcast addressing conflict.


Podcast 2/4
Is there a difference between feeling slightly irritated and steaming mad? Do you see yourself succumbing to the same patterns when conflict surrounds you, or resistance builds in your mind, making you feel angry? Explore with me the facets of conflict in this second podcast of my series.


Podcast 3/4
Conflict can arise in various places and situations. Whether at home, at work, or while doing groceries, something can happen that we would interpret as conflict. How would you handle it? Is there a standard approach to removing yourself from it? Listen to my podcast and find your own answers to these questions.


Podcast 4/4
Does conflict exist? Or is it only happening in our own minds? Would you prefer it simply disappeared, or, in a paradoxical way, you can see its benefits? Discover what good can come out of conflict, if any, and reflect with me by listening to the last and fourth podcast of this series.