Madhu Einsiedler


So much has already been written and said about “burnout” that it has become something of a buzzword. Most articles out there have a simplistic approach and offer quick, superficial remedies. So is it really a ‘modern affliction’ that has just become a part of our daily lives, that we have involuntarily accepted without giving it much thought?
I invite you to explore with me the roots of it that run deep. And please share your own conclusions with me.

Podcast 1/4
Is burnout something that can affect certain people more than others? What are its signs, the tools to recognize and maybe prevent it? In our first podcast of the four-part series we will explore the first signs of burnout, or at least, what we think these signs may be.


Podcast 2/4
Burnout can manifest differently, depending on the person and the environment. A professional in a demanding job/environment suffering from burnout may display different ‘symptoms’ from a regular employee, yet both suffer. Ultimately, burnout can mean an imbalance in our daily lives. How do we acknowledge that burnout has set in our routine? How can we fight it? Listen to my second podcast and learn more.


Podcast 3/4
When someone suffers from burnout, those around that person are affected too. If a working professional is worn out and works many hours per day, his/her family may feel the consequences. So, is burnout just about us? How about its effects on us, as a society? Listen to my third podcast, ask your own questions and feel free to share your thoughts with me.


Podcast 4/4
There may be different techniques to identifying and becoming aware of burnout. Maintaining balance and not losing sight of the things that make you happy, stable, fulfilled make for a good start. Yet, each of us responds differently to burnout and may have unique paths to prevent or remove it. Whatever the path, we have to acknowledge that we are all different, and if something means burnout to a person, may not mean the same for another. Thus, there is no universal medicine for all. What we can do, is get in touch with who we are and decide what makes us productive and happy. Listen to the fourth and podcast of the series and draw your own opinions. Make sure you share them with me too!