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Madhu's Discussion Questions

First only a window opens.

The door will open – when we keep exploring boredom and nothingness, when our mind gets used to down-time.

Through that door calm, creativity, inspiration, innovation can come it.

It doesn’t matter how you name it – jogging, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, boredom, staring into the void, hiking, watching the clouds change in the sky, ….

It’s all about the same – making room so that the door can appear, can open and fresh air can come in.



When you’re stressed the door is closed.
Focus on five things you see.
Focus on five things you hear.
Focus on five things your body feels right now.
Repeat this with four, with three, with two things, with one thing.


Complement with “Surprise yourself” and “Life Happening with You Being Present“.

Other Challenges ...

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