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Madhu's Discussion Questions

Our life is really all about relationships.

Whatever we want to reach, whatever turn our life is taking currently – there are very likely other people involved. Friends, family, partners, peers, bosses, neighbors. Even the person sitting next to you on your commute, or standing in line in front or behind you at the cashiers. We relate to people – if only through or by avoiding eye contact.

We cannot NOT relate.

The question is – how do we relate?

What is it we’re seeing in the other that makes us want to connect or avoid connecting?

Every relationship we have can help us discover who we are.

Every relationship – may it be work related or in our private lives – is an expression of an aspect of us. Whether it’s an aspect we already know about, or something we strive for, or something we try to avoid or hide. Or even an aspect we’re not conscious of.

How we relate to other people – those we admire, those we reject, those we oppose – gives us a pretty good hint at how we relate to aspects of ourselves. And thus to our potentials – the one we are already aware of and might overuse, the one we are not aware of at all since it’s hidden or even something we have learned to oppose.


Pick 2-3 people you have regular interactions with.
What is it you see in them?
What drives the way in which you relate to them?
What do you oppose? What do you admire?


Complement with “Exploring your own depths” and “Life with us being present“.

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