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Madhu's Discussion Questions

Does this routine sound familiar?

Get the body out of bed, to the bathroom, to the coffeemaker, to the bathroom again, to the closet, get dressed, to the breakfast to get the body some food, move it to the car, to the office, to the first meeting, have it perform the first task.
And so on to lunch, back home, maybe some sports, dinner, sleep.
Start again.

We’re like trains on tracks. It’s efficient. We get the job done. The job of living.

What we call life is – an automated routine. It gets us through our days. But not more.

We might dream and wish for things to change.

Yet over and over again, we act routinely.  Most of the time it’s no-one attending our life. Automatisms are doing what they have been doing the last several decades. Eventually we even forget to dream.

To reach our dreams, to change for the better, our life needs us. It needs us to be present. Because the present is the only time and place we can make our dreams happen. It’s the only place where change, transformation can happen.

But for that we need to leave our automatisms behind us. Just imagine! You actually being present – at those meetings, at your tasks, in your relationships!?

The strongest single thing able to hold us back is – Fear.

Fear to stir up bad feedback, to lose our job, to risk the harmony or comfort we think we need and are so used to. Fear to … you tell me.

Fear makes us numb. Fear lets automatisms take over.

Fear kills us before our bodies hit the grave.


1. Choose 3-5 situations that are really important for you;
Where you usually let automatisms take the best of you.
2. Decide to be present and to feel.
3. Explore: What are you afraid of in these situations?
What are the thoughts through which fear expresses itself?

Complement with “Life with Us Being Present” and “Here not There“.

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