Madhu Einsiedler


Madhu's Discussion Questions

How often do you do experience this:
You’re in a conversation, the other person talks and… your thoughts wander.

Your thoughts wander to:
“Why didn’t they act in a more sensible way?”… “This reminds me of how I acted that one time…”, OH! I gotta remember to call…”, “What will I have for lunch/dinner?”, “Oh yeah, and I need to get the laundry to the dry cleaners…”

Stress makes us hurry. And believe in multi tasking.

How many times have you remembered an important email and you go online to quickly answer – while the other person, maybe one of your peers, the person you love, your child – is TALKING to you.

With today’s obsession with busyness, its’s even easier to get caught in our thoughts,
in the digital world, in the need for instant gratification.

Then we are not present.

Life is happening without us.

The Challenge

What does it mean for you to be present?
How do you know that you’re present?

Other Challenges ...

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