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Everyone has a right to the present day.

A goal’s only purpose would be to put us in situations we could use (or challenge us) to grow.

There is nothing to be achieved. You have arrived. What is now – that is it – your point of arrival, your destination.

Every idea you have about where to and how to better yourself, to optimize yourself, to change – every such idea only limits your potential.

Organizations, work, life – would be organized around ‘here’ and not around ‘there’. Around what is right now here and not around some made up ideas and numbers.

After every “but” fear and anxiety talk.

You say:
“The exposure, the handling of children tires us.”
You are right.
You say:
“Because we have to descent into their vocabulary of concepts. Descending, bending down, submitting, make ourselves smaller.”
You are wrong.
That’s not what tires us. What does – that we need to ascend to their feelings. Ascending, reaching out, rising up onto our toes, touching.
For not to harm.
(Janusz Korczak)


Instead of “children” read
“person”, “people”, “employees”, “human”, …
What’s your re-action?
Explore it.


Complement with “Feeling your own self deception” and “Exploring your own depths“.

If interested in Janusz Korczak I’d suggest you have the entry about his pedagogical writings in the German Wikipedia translated ; the German entry it’s more elaborate and telling than the English one..

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