Madhu Einsiedler

What can I do in time of crisis?

The threat of the coronavirus and the recent developments seem projected from a sci-fi movie. Yet this is all happening and we, all people, find ourselves affected in various ways. Understanding our own reactions is key to keeping healthy inside and out, and to also comfort those around us. Listen to my podcast – Improvisations on Growth COVID-19 Crisis Log – and explore the effects of the coronavirus on our own psyche.


Podcast 1/2
Explore your own reactions and take charge
We find ourselves in an unprecedented crisis situation, and you might have noticed family members, co-workers, and even yourself, reacting in certain ways. Have you stopped to ask yourself why? What is prompting the fear, or the desire to control, or maybe the indifference? I invite you to listen and learn more about your own self and ask this very important question with us: What can I do during a crisis?


Podcast 2/2
Apply effective mechanisms to regain balance
We all know panicking doesn’t contribute to our wellbeing, yet involuntarily we find ourselves in a panic mode, also influencing others. (or we panic easily seeing someone else panicking). Are there mechanisms to regain control in a healthy way, in case of extreme fear? What constructive tools should we rely on to stay on track emotionally? Listen to my podcast and get to the root of human behavior in time of crisis.