Madhu Einsiedler

Improvisations on Leadership

As we look back at a challenging, unpredictable year, we couldn’t help but questioning the concept of leadership. Especially during tough times, people crave ‘good’ leadership, guidance and protection. But what is ‘good leadership’? Have you ever stopped to understand your own definition of a ‘proper leader’? Or, maybe you aim at being a leader yourself – and where should you start? Listen to my mini-series dedicated to the meaning of leadership and re-think its definition with us.


Is Our Current Definition of Leadership Outdated? (Podcast 1/4)
This year’s events opened up the question of good leadership in general and in times of crisis. Have you noticed how we tend to assume that a leader knows best, maybe even possessing super-natural powers? Is this the reality though? Are we stuck in an outdated model of leadership that highlights the supreme patriarch who can solve everything and has all the answers? If leadership is based on trust and respect, how respected do you feel, and what is your level of trust toward your leaders? Listen to the first episode as part of Madhu’s four-part leadership mini-series and find your own answers.


Does Contemporary Leadership Objectify? (Podcast 2/4)
Would you agree that we need a leader to follow, and we need someone to generate opinions that we can all simply accept, without further inquiry? What about coming up with your opinions, your own decisions, without outside influence? Most times leaders prefer to build a facade, conceal a reality with the excuse of protecting a company and its employees. Why is this happening? Why do leaders tend to guide employees like children, or like objects? Get inspired to answer these questions and more when you listen to our episode.


Should ‘New Leadership’ Focus More on Respect? (Podcast 3/4)
A small step toward a new model of leadership can involve something as simple as seeing someone at eye level, showing respect and consideration to those around us in general, and in the workplace. Have you noticed how you immediately feel like a child when someone talks down on you? Why is this happening? And why should someone enforce this superiority gesture on others? Could it be again that we are dealing with the need to be better than others, to prove that we know better each time, a need that seems to surface in multiple areas of our society. Listen to this new episode and question the concept pf leadership with us.


In What Ways Should a Leader ‘Impress’ Us? (Podcast 4/4)
We look for leaders in life, sometimes admire them, follow them, sometimes perhaps questioning them. How does a leader impress? By owning the luxury car, showcasing the influence, or simply by showing the humaneness side? We have heard the expression of earning one’s respect, but why do we even use a word that relates to earnings to something that should be given freely? We have been accustomed to tie in material things with respect, to put a price on people and to objectify them. How can we change this? A first step is awareness, so listen and become aware, with us.