Madhu Einsiedler


“I found the story super-inspiring and was personally touched by it. I liked the overall message and the combination of rich dialogue and vivid images that really made the story come to life. I think this story will touch a nerve with modern managers. It is ‘current’ in its focus on ‘values’ versus ‘greed/money/status’ and at the same time it touches the timeless theme of ‘the search for oneself.”

Arne Arens, global brand president, The North Face,
San Francisco, CA, USA, (

“This book is like a breath of fresh air amongst other management books. The beautifully designed graphic novel format allows for messages without words, which adds a powerful dimension. The book offers a leadership experience for everybody ‘looking for answers.’ A great and recommended read for busy managers who hardly give themselves the time to stop and think about where they are now and want to be next.”

Reggy de Feniks, managing partner, 9senses,
Barcelona, Spain (,
coauthor of ‘Reinventing Financial Services’ and
‘Reinventing Customer Engagement’,
co-founder DIA (

“Madhu Einsiedler has done two remarkable things: She has realized the power of graphic storytelling as a medium to convey ideas in ways that the customary management book cannot; and she has harnessed that realization to the simple but powerful story of how discovering who we truly are as human beings can give us the insights to better manage projects and lead people.”

Robin Todd, technical program manager, Amazon Lumberyard,
Austin, TX, USA

“I found my own story and history. And hopefully the realizations of John Myers will be mine also. But this is no ‘how-to-guide,’ and it doesn’t give you ready-made answers. This is an example of a journey that can inspire and start your own journey. Travel safely!”

Stefan Kaltenegger, CEO/founder, b-mobility, mobility architects,
Graz, Austria  (

“I believe the book will give today’s managers new insights and quite a few possibilities to reflect on their own behavior. Especially the form of the graphic novel is a perfect fit for stories like this – stories that give you a different view on the world and your own doings.
Although I generally don’t like archetypical characters like the hermit, since they tend to be presented with a lot of clichés, I find this one is characterized beautifully, laconically and ironically.”

Thomas Plaul, literary critic, lecturer, radio presenter,
Athens, Greece, and Frankfurt/Main, Germany

“Managers out there! Are you struggling to find answers how to solve challenges at work or maybe with your loved ones? This book will certainly not give you answers on that. Sorry. What this book can do for you is to inspire and awaken the inspirational leader in you, the good husband or wife, the inspirational father, son or daughter, and the friend. This is an in-depth questionnaire, an interview, it’s psychology, a comic book, a movie, tough training and much more. It is an innovative, whole new concept in managers’ rejuvenation. I’m one of the happiest men in the world as it certainly did all of that for me. Thank you for that, Madhu.
If this book doesn’t make you start doing things differently or confirm you that some things you do in your life are the right ones, no book will. Now go out and find your own path. Go now! NO, read the book first!”

Franjo Hanzl, director global alliance management, Orexigen Therapeutics,
Croatia (

“What is important in life? What is the essence? What are our beliefs and how do they affect our everyday and business lives? What is the focus of our attention and how can we live up to our values even in the tough business environment? Madhu created a story which is beautiful to read, it is funny and enjoyable. But still – nearly unnoticed – it goes deep into these important life questions. It made me think about these questions, it made me think about my own views and beliefs and it provoked discussion. This novel is inspiring.”

Manuela Rattay, marketing and project manager, Primas Consulting,
Vienna, Austria (

“The book reads very well, interesting and inspiring. In some moments I’ve thought, “This is my husband!” I believe managers will enjoy it and will find inspiration for professional and personal growth. I would love the book to come back in a second volume.”

Renata Sir, accountant, IT Methods,
Brussels, Belgium

“For me this story challenges the notion of concepts as the common denominator for social action and puts forward the exciting question of what lies beyond values, rules, and routines.”

Dr. Judith Schütz, managing partner, Open System Network AG,
St. Gallen, Switzerland (

“Just reading the draft offered me a powerful insight that will change the way that I approach conflicts within our organization. As soon as the book is finished, it will become required reading for all managers in our Hotel Group.”

Shaun Sheffield, director of operations, Rivoli Hotels,
Germany/Egypt (

“While reading, I could feel the change John Myers was going through from a “Full-time” Manager role model to a human being, focused on the ‘meaning of life.’ Madhu transports feelings, thoughts and attitudes through images, symbols, and analogies that make it easy for the reader to follow the change John Myers goes through.”

Dr. Günter Rattay, CEO/founder, Primas Consulting GmbH,
Vienna/Austria (

“A new format of management literature for the 21st century. Madhu Einsiedler manages to transfer the discussion of real-life business problems into a heartwarming graphic novel. Great dialogues and amazing images create a journey that sheds new light on what it means to be a leader. I want more of that.”

Felix Rautenschlein, CEO/founder, Rautenschlein Services GmbH,
Germany, (

“I read the story with enthusiasm and for me, it was what a good read should be – emotional, intriguing, intellectually satisfying and long lasting. The character of John Myers mirrored myself and again and again I felt like I was reading my own story. The character of the hermit is like the internal wisdom every leader strives for, the personalization of the internal true leader. I believe those managers who are not only on the quest for more status and money but want to find their own way of true leadership, will love this book and benefit from it tremendously.”

Wilhelm Hofmann, CEO, SEW-Eurodrive GmbH,
Vienna, Austria (

“Madhu Einsiedler uses high-impact language on wise lessons of life. At times, the book gives me tough confrontations with my self-built mental prisons. The process between the hermit and John Myers often leaves me silently smiling and gives me language to address the issues that come along with the rat race I and people in the world around me are in . . .”

Katharina Schmidt, CEO/founder, Inspiration&Disciplin,
Amsterdam, Netherlands/San Francisco, CA, USA

“This book is an awesome story of human development, love and respect, but also much more. I thought I knew the game from the rest of the “how to become a better . . .” books. The story itself, and the way the story is told, touched me deeply and initiated a sustainable process of personal reflection and even growth. This book shall become a bible for those on the road of self discovery . . .”

Richard Huebner, co-founder, dignit consulting,
Vienna, Austria (