Madhu Einsiedler

What Highly Effective People
Don’t Tell You


„What Highly Effective People Don’t Tell You“ peeks into the mind of a business leader. It combines the genres of psychology, fiction, business/leadership literature, and graphic novel to offer a stunning insight that no business professional should miss!

This strikingly-rendered graphic novel is both a landmark contribution to business management literature as well as a riveting story of transformation in the face of a personal crisis.

A must-read for

  • established modern business leaders,
  • up-and-coming entrepreneurs, and
  • anyone struggling to balance work and life, ambition and love.

John Myers has fought his way nearly to the top of the corporate ladder.

He’s got it all—the doting wife, the supercar, the mansion, and now his first son on the way. Most importantly to John, he’s on the verge of becoming CEO at the one of the most renowned IT companies in the world.

Can he truly achieve all his goals through sheer determination and grit?

Who will have to suffer for him to succeed?

When both his company and his family face sudden crises, John will have to account for more than the bottom line. The fearlessly independent man who thought he knew how to succeed in any situation finds himself for the first time at a loss for answers. He’ll have to face his deepest fears and transform his perspective in order to overcome these staggering challenges.

His dark, terrifying journey will force him to look in the mirror and make hard choices.





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