Madhu Einsiedler

So you want more.

It is not so much your business acumen and experience that will determine where you go from here.
Your continued success will rather depend on your readiness and ability to recognise the stimuli that trigger your re-actions and to understand who it really is that takes your decisions.

As you well know, in most situations in both our professional and private lives, we react in a totally automatic way, particularly under stress. Thus your next career move, your continued progress, will depend on your capacity to decide and act with clarity and awareness. They will depend on how free you really are to act.

Through Really Good Coaching I can help you to recognise the full scope of these automatic mechanisms, to internalise the good reasons that underlie them so that in any situation you are given the freedom to consciously opt for a genuine and effective form of behaviour.

Get in touch. Based in Vienna, I work internationally in both German and English.

In me you will find a sparring partner and coach- tough yet respectful.

With me you will discover those skills that have been waiting to find their expression.

I will work with you and/or with your team on a private or corporate basis, whatever the purpose- be it expanding your leadership qualities, striking a good work-life balance, coping with ever-increasing pressure or avoiding burn-out despite being expected to achieve increasingly more in increasingly less time.

It might also be about providing effective leadership in anĀ  organisational matrix, leading virtual teams, keeping colleagues motivated or perhaps about providing support when further job losses are looming.

Or about putting difficult messages across in a clear way without leaving scorched earth in your wake, leading a successful restructuring operation or, more generally, how best to manage all this transition and change. Or it might be about establishing or fostering a clear, constructive climate of discussion within your management team, your Board or your two or three-way leadership team to ensure that you are all pulling in the same direction and fostering a corporate culture.

I look forward to meeting you! Send me an email, make an appointment or leave me a message saying how and when I can contact you. I will get back to you within 24 hours.